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Javier Díaz Zalduendo and the team present this season’s menu


Gran Reserva acorn-fed ham with crystal coca bread and natural tomato … 30,00€

Iberian ham salad, foie gras, young shoots, escarole, nuts and raspberry vinaigrette … 25.00€

Coconut-leek cream, shrimp, brioche croutons and green shiso … 24.00€

Grilled scallop, shallot and Jerez sherry sauce, sweet potato and crunchy popcorn … 29.00€

Lobster salad, vegetables, arugula, yogurt mayonnaise, soy vinaigrette and aromatic herbs … 42.00€

Iranian beluga caviar (50g) … 160.00€


Seasonal vegetables with Iberian ham shavings … 27.00€

Tagliolini two flavours (egg and vegetables), black truffle and
beltza mushroom … 29.00€

Roasted Peron piquillo peppers (Lodosa) with extra virgin olive oil and cured white ham … 25.00€

Cylindrical boiled egg, truffled parmentier, layer of beltza mushroom and wild asparagus … 29.00€

Mellow rice with seafood, octopus and citrus aioli and
katsuobushi … 29.00€

Sirloin Carpaccio, nuts, parmesan cheese shavings and
dill aroma … 28.00€



Hake with its pil-pil, vegetables and baby squid demi-glace … 30.00€

Cod ajoarriero (tomato-based sauce with vegetables)
with lobster … 33.00€

Baked wild turbot topped with fried garlic and guindilla peppers in oil, cider vinegar and braised head of cabbage … 35.00€

Sea bass, chickpea puree, young garlic, pickled onions and
beetroot pearls … 32.00€


Cod chunk pil-pil with a trace of mustard, honey and
white truffle … 32.00€

Grilled bluefin tuna chunks, with sesame seeds, wasabi,
soy and tofu … 29.00€

Lobster roasted in its shell … 46.00€



Beef sirloin, fresh foie gras, bittersweet Tawny Port and rose hips compote and caramelized pear … 31.00€

Crispy boneless pig trotters with penny bun mushroom sauce and Granny Smith apple slices … 29.00€

Black Angus beef confit 24 hours, cauliflower cream and seasoned jowl shavings … 29.00€

Suckling pig marinated at low temperature, rosé molasses and sweet garlic puree … 29.00€


Veal tripe and snouts from Navarre stewed in the
traditional style … 28.00€

Roasted chateaubriand in its juice, oyster mushrooms and
Mona Lisa potato … 33.00€

Roasted and lacquered Iberian knuckle, sauce Perigourdine and
potato-truffle parmentier … 28.00€

Boneless farmyard pigeon with mushroom risotto in
its own juice … 32.00€



Caramelized brioche French toast with cinnamon ice cream and
caramelized sesame … 13,00€

Coconut-lemon, pineapple and mint tropical textures … 13,00€

Fine pasta wafer sticks, Bourbon vanilla cream and walnut sauce
(intxaursaltsa) … 13,00€

Dark chocolate, hazelnut praline, baileys and carob ice cream … 14,00€

Creamy cheese ice-cream, apricot and slices of
Parmesan cheese … 12.00€

Mille-feuille milk rice pudding (Lacturale) with crunchy broken
cinnamon biscuit … 13.00€

Lime-lemon ice cream, cava gel and juniper … 12.00€

Cheese platter with quince, compote of figs and walnuts
(Idiazabal, Roncal, Brie and Gorgonzola) … 22.00€


Bread made with sourdough and a selection of flours … 2.00€

IVA 10% (Not included in prices)


This menu will be served all year except during the San Fermín festivities (July 6 to 14)



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