San Fermín

Available from 6 to 14 July


Gran Reserva acorn-fed ham with crystal coca bread and natural tomato … €33,00

Lobster salad, vegetables, arugula, yoghurt mayonnaise and aromatic herb vinaigrette with soy … €43,00

Tomato salad with white tuna loins and spring onion … €26,00

Tagliolini two flavours (egg and vegetables), with black truffle and bronze bolete mushroom … €29,00

Piquillo peppers from Perón (Lodosa) roasted with extra virgin oil, accompanied by cured white ham … €25,00

Iberian salad, foie gras, young shoots, escarole, nuts and raspberry vinaigrette … €26,00

Salmorejo with prawns confit, beetroot, jabugo cured ham shavings and micro vegetables … €25,00

Navarre traditional stewed beans with Ibarra chillies … €26,00

Creamy rice with seafood, octopus and citrus and katsuobushi alioli … €28,00


Baked wild turbot with potatoes slices, topped with sauce of fried garlic slices, chilli pepper and cider vinegar … €36,00

Hake with its pil-pil, vegetables and baby squid demi-glace … €34,00

Cod ajoarriero with lobster … €36,00

Monkfish loin with fresh vegetables ratatouille and potatoes slices confit with lemon … €36,00

Grilled lobster in its shell … €43,00


Beef tenderloin, fresh foie gras, sweet and sour Tawny Port, rosehip compote and caramelised pear… €35,00

Crispy boneless pig trotters with penny bun mushroom sauce and Granny Smith apple slices … €29,00

Suckling pig cooked at low temperature, rosé molasses and sweet garlic puree … €33,00

Veal tripe and snouts from Navarre stewed in the traditional style … €30,00

Oven roasted chateaubriand, oyster mushrooms and Mona Lisa potatoes (for two people) … €68,00

Roasted and lacquered Iberian knuckle, sauce Perigourdine and truffle mashed potatoe … €28,00

Bull stew in red wine from Navarra … €30,00

Boneless and roasted farmhouse pigeon in its own juice with mushroom risotto … €31,00


Spiced strawberries, candied sunflower seeds, ice cream and red fruit crispies … €14,00

Lime-lemon ice cream, cava gel and juniper … €14,00

Mille-feuille rice pudding (Lacturale milk) with crunchy broken cinnamon biscuit … €14,00

Creamy dark chocolate, mint and strawberry sorbet … €14,00

Caramelised brioche French toast with cinnamon ice cream and caramelised sesame … €14,00

Cream cheese ice-cream over an apricot base with slices of Parmesan cheese … €14,00

Passion fruit flan “tocino de cielo”, exotic red fruit infusion and plain yoghurt ice cream … €14,00

Cheese platter with quince, compote of figs and walnuts (Idiazábal, Roncal, Brie and Gorgonzola) … €23,00


This menu is only available to be served for the whole table

Starter according to the chef


Lobster, Olivier potato salad timbale, escarole and Artajo black truffle oil


Cylindrical egg, truffled parmentier and crispy leek tempura


Hake with its pil-pil, vegetables and baby squid demi-glace


Bull stew in red wine from Navarra


Spiced strawberries, candied sunflower seeds, ice cream and red fruit crispies


Coffees and petit fours


White Otazu chardonnay 2019 … €37,00
Bodega otazu, Falces. Navarra.

White Legardeta chardonnay 2021 … €35,00
Bodegas J.Chivite family estates, Cintruenigo. Navarra.

Rosé Inurrieta Mediodía 2021 … €29,00
Bodega Inurrieta, Falces. Navarra.

Rosé Legardeta syrah 2021 … €37,00
Bodegas J.Chivite family estates , Cintruenigo. Navarra.

Red Inurrieta Cuatrocientos Magnum 2018 … €54,00
Bodega Inurrieta, Falces. Navarra.

Red Altos de Inurrieta Reserva 2018 … €35,00
Bodega Inurrieta, Falces. Navarra.

Amatria grenache 2021 … €42,00
Tierra Estella. Navarra.

Red Hacienda de Arinzano 2016 … €37,00
Bodegas Pago de Arinzano. Alberin.Navarra.

Red 6 Cepas 2014 … €38,00
Bodegas Perica, San Asensio. Rioja.

Red La Montesa 2014 … €39,00
Bodegas Palacio Remondo, Alfaro. Rioja.

Roda reserva 2018 … €56,00
Bodegas Roda. Haro.Rioja

Red Gómez Cruzado … €37,00
Bodegas Gómez cruzado. Haro. Rioja

Red Corimbo 2018 … €44,00
Bodegas La horra. La horra. Burgos

Cava Oriol Rosell Brut Reserve … €36,00
Oriol Rosell, Sant Marçal. Barcelona

Cava Juve y camps Reserva de la Familia. Brut nature … €43,00
Familia juve y camps, Sant Sadurni D´Anoia. Barcelona

Champagne Taittinger Brut Reserve … €80,00

Bread made with sourdough and a selection of flours … €2.00

10 % VAT (not included in prices)

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