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Javier Díaz Zalduendo and the team present this menu

Salad of Iberian ham, foie gras, tender shoots, escarole, nuts, cured duck magret slices and
raspberry vinaigrette

Cylindrical egg, truffled parmentier, layer of bronze bolete mushroom and
air of wild asparagus

Iberian ham great book bread with tomatoe

Egg and spinach tagliolini with black truffle and bronze bolete mushroom

Plate of grilled “Lodosa” piquillo peppers in extra virgin olive oil

Creamy rice with seafood, octopus and citrus alioli

Seasonal vegetables with sofrito and Iberian cured ham shavings

FISH OR MEAT (to choose)

Cod “Ajoarriero” cooked traditional style

Hake with its pil-pil, vegetables and baby squid demi-glace

Crispy, boneless pork trotters in our own style

Sirloin Carpaccio, dried fruit, parmesan cheese flakes and dill aroma

Veal tripe and snouts from Navarre stewed in the traditional style

Roasted and lacquered Iberian pork knuckle, cream of potato parmentier and
périgourdine sauce


Lime-lemon ice cream, cava gel and juniper

Passionfruit bacon, exotic red fruit infusion and plain yoghurt ice cream

Cream cheese ice cream on a peach base with parmesan cheese flakes

Mille-feuille milk rice pudding (Lacturale) with crunchy broken cinnamon biscuit

Sheep’s milk curd, candied figs, honey-rosemary ice cream and spice crumble

Caramelised brioche French toast with cinnamon ice cream and sweet,
caramelised sesame


Red wine Inurrieta Cuatrocientos
Rosé wine Inurrieta Mediodía
White wine Inurrieta Orchídea


10% VAT included
The menu is served to the whole table
It is available from Monday to Thursday and Friday lunch

Esta carta se servirá todo el año excepto durante las fiestas de San Fermín (del 6 al 14 de julio)


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